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Backdoor Code Discovered in Popular Bitcoin Mining Equipment

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An unknown security researcher has published details on a vulnerability named "Antbleed," which the author claims is a remote backdoor affecting Bitcoin mining equipment sold by Bitmain, the largest vendor of crypto-currency mining hardware on the market.
According to these lines of code, if the Bitmain service returns a response of "False," the user's equipment will stop any mining operations.
Antminer is currently one of the most popular Bitcoin mining equipment on the market.
Minerlink.com domain is hardcoded in the firmware's source code, owners of affected Bitcoin mining gear can permanently protect against remote the remote shut down of their mining equipment by modifying their hosts file and pointing the auth.
According to his estimatations around 70% of the entire Bitcoin hashrate calculations run on Bitmain devices, meaning an attacker could shut down a large part of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem if he manages to take over the minerlink.com domain and issue a shutdown command.
Shutting down Bitcoin mining means shutting down the verification of Bitcoin transactions, affecting the Bitcoin ecosystem itself.
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Antbleed exposes ‘70 percent’ of Bitcoin miners to attack

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Antbleed.com recently revealed a backdoor in Bitmain's Antminer brand of Bitcoin miners, which allows attackers and Bitmain to remotely shut down the bitcoin mining hardware.
The company states that the feature, called Minerlink, was designed to "Empower customers to control their miners which often times can be hosted outside their premises."
Software patches to remove the backdoor entirely have been developed both by the Bitcoin developers behind the Antbleed website and from Bitmain themselves already, but every miner with the infected firmware has to upgrade their machines manually before they are safe from remote takeover attacks.
The new website points out that mining rigs running the code could be controlled by Bitmain personnel or easily hacked into and used by a third parties.
Maxwell describes the covert deployment as, "a clear and present danger to the Bitcoin system which requires a response." The developer provided two examples of the harm that covert implementations of ASICboost can do; Creating "Inequality in the mining process," and causing "Interference with useful improvements."
While the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal has wide support within the industry, only ~40 percent of miners have indicated their support for implementing the change.
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